Remember waaaaaaaay back in 2017 when we promised a slew of updates and improvements in our next All the Delicate Duplicates patch? Well, we didn’t forget. Life just kept on jumping up and biting us on our respective posteriors every time we got close to implementing them [seriously, it’s been a hellova amazing year on so many fronts, but with that has come a heap of unavoidable time-sinkages too]….but NO MORE DELAYS! With a brand spanking new year comes a new and improved All the Delicate Duplicates, with our PC version now including all of these freshly-minted updates, and [be prepared to *gasp*] a brand new Mac version.


For all our lovely fans who have been waiting patently for our Mac Version to hit the Steam store, and for those PC peeps who have been sweating on the promised PC updates, here’s your chance to get in early and playtest our updated PC and new Mac Beta versions: to register for either Beta, start by signing up here. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll contact you with all the necessary instructions on how to take part. Also, feel free to stream your experience or post screenshots [as long as you state you’re playing a Beta 2.0 version of the game on your posts]. You can also share your impressions with us on twitter using the hashtag #DelicateDuplicates. Enjoy!