So as we’ve been slaving [or should that read “slavering” perhaps?] away to improve your overall All the Delicate Duplicates experience, we thought we’d prepare you for some major AtDD tinkerings that are soon to be update-injected [that process sounds a heap more painful than it really is – we promise].

So just what are these impending shinier-than-shiny improvements [we hear you shouting incessantly over the background noise of us bleeding voraciously from the eyes + fingertips due to all the manic work taken to complete these updates]? [ And yup, such updates do take their toll, seriously (aka we’re not actually *that* serious, though don’t tell our respective Optometrists and Finger-Doctors (is there such a thing?) that)].

Preference Screen 1

Well, first up we’ve been listening to all the forum feedback [yes, we do actually read the forums while unsuccessfully navigating our Quasimodo-like posture probs + annoying squint-related issues + other embarrassing health conditions associated with rampant gamedev overwork] and have been crafting down in the AtDD forge an in-game Preferences screen with resolution and mouse sensitivity options. We’ve also included [ie wait, there’s MORE!] the option to toggle between ‘windowed mode’ and full screen, and even the ability to inverse your mouse as well [we’re thorough!].


We’re also working manically [which is interesting when working with our constantly-needing-correcting-posture-altering-corsets + weeping eyestrained orbs] on implementing an in-game volume control option [yep, Streamers, we did take note that you needed it – how *good* are we?].


Additionally [and yes, the use of that word is just as wanky as you think it is, but we figure we have the cred to use it after having to look up all the medical terminology in order to deal with our blood-seeping fingertips], we’ve also added in some swelteringly-fabbo interactive goodies + assorted easter-egging [right after Easter – how timely is *that*?].


So look out for all these fantoobulous AtDD updates here very very soon. And while you wait, please send help [or any posture-fixing Experts, random Optometrists and/or spare Finger-Doctors you may have dotted about your basement]. 😉